EXPEDO supplies exclusive high-quality packaging
materials including specialised paper, board, laminates
and other materials. EXPEDO has the technical and
commercial expertise to provide you, the customer, with
your specific packaging requirements. EXPEDO service
selected customers - within well focused business areas.

EXPEDO is small enough to provide a personal service
but large enough to provide one which is competitive in
every way. With 55 years experience of sourcing and purchasing for a global company, we have the knowledge,
skills and network of contacts world-wide to provide
you with the best possible service.

Over the years, EXPEDO has developed long-standing partnerships with customers who appreciate our
expertise in supplying the specialist products they
require. EXPEDO takes great pride in these long-term partnerships.

EXPEDO's business is world wide with clients based in
South East Asia, the Middle East, South America and
Africa, in addition to the European market.